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Do you feel the need to always be a part of a group. Do you take great pride in your family, school, church, or other organization? Is it more than just something you do but really more of who you are?

If so, you probably have a high need for Approval/Belonging. This emotional need is needing to be a part of something more than yourself. It is identifying with others and knowing that you fit in.

This is a need that can be bit a bit tricky and get confused with others.

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Have you ever felt like something is missing? Perhaps you “have it all” (wife, kids, job, etc.) and yet you aren’t loving life? Maybe you go through the motions and pretend that all is well when it just isn’t. There are other times when you are quite aware that nothing is going well. Regardless of the situation or circumstances of life, we end up feeling somewhat empty.

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