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Dec 13, 2018 | Blog, Hurts | 0 comments

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Jay Mitlo

Brian Herr

Eric Hammond

Last week we went over where hurts go. Hurts are emotional needs not met or even taken from you.

The first place hurts go is to anger. This is the only reaction that Jesus experiences. The bible encourages us to not sin in our anger. Anger in and of itself is not a sin.

From there, fear sets in. We are afraid that we express that same emotional need again that it will not be met…again. If an emotional need was taken from us, we are afraid that the same conditions will result in a similar painful experience.

After that, we begin to feel guilty. Perhaps it was our fault that our emotions were hurt. Rather than it being someone else’s fault, it is ours. We get into the arena a self blame.

This is where it transitions just a bit. The hurt becomes self-condemnation. We believe that we don’t even deserve to have that need (or any really) met. We just aren’t the type of person that gets their needs met.

What we should experience a lot of in life is joy. However, as our hurts build and the negative reactions from them grow as well, we have no room for joy. We observe and see that we should be happy or experience positive emotions from good things but we are unable and, to a degree, feel numb.

The end result are negative behaviors and characteristics. Addictions, obsessions, depression, escaping, anxiety, and all of the things we don’t like about ourselves flow from these unresolved hurts.

While we may not experience each of these reactions to hurts we all find ourselves residing in at least one. Generally, we can identify at least one that is the dominant response to a hurt(s).

Sadly, we try to get rid of the negative behaviors but fail time and again as we have not addressed the original hurts which fuel the undesirable traits.

This coming week we will look at the different ways people try to get rid of hurts. We will look at the advantages each have and how they ultimately fall short of the best way to remove the hurts on our lives.

As exciting as anything else, BRIAN WILL BE BACK!!! We will get to hear all about his trips to California and Cleveland. What did he eat? How did it go meeting the people he has only talked to on the phone? How did things go on the home front while he was gone?

Christmas is coming, that might just creep into the conversation as well. Make sure to stop in and listen with us.


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