Episode 6 RECAP

Episode 7 Preview

Dec 27, 2018 | Anger, Blog, Hurts | 0 comments

Hosts & Guests

Jay Mitlo

Brian Herr

Eric Hammond

Last episode we went over how hurts turn to anger. Whether it be Jay being bullied as a child by getting slapped in the head or Brian feeling micromanaged growing up, the emotional needs not met or taken as a child have resulted in angry situations as an adult. Eric’s anger at meeting times not being respected now, came from somewhere (Jay tried to link it to childhood which was left undetermined) but nonetheless affect him more than he’d like.

We talked about how the only way that has been reduced is from sharing this experience(s) with someone who could join us in that emotion and comfort us. Eric did it great when he said, “I imagine a little Jay Mitlo just wondering why this was happening.” Perfect comfort.

This week we transition to fear. How has fear consumed you? What hurts have you experienced that have settled into fear? Too often we feel weak when we feel afraid. We suck it up, ignore it, or dwell in it. Our attempts to move past it are rendered fruitless and yes, cause us more fear. What are your thoughts on fear? What are your questions? Let us know.

You know we’re also going to talk about Christmas and the great food we got to experience. What was great? What didn’t work out? We’ll talk about it all.

Do better? What have we seen and or experienced that people need to do better? If you have one, let us know!


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