Episode 8

Fear to Guilt

Hosts & Guests

Jay Mitlo

Brian Herr

Eric Hammond

Episode 8  Show Notes

Happy New Year! We’re starting this year off right talking about good ole’ fashion guilt. Guilt can be a crushing companion. Many of us constantly live with the weight that guilt carries. We smile on the outside but are being crushed on the inside. Where does it come from? How do we get relief? We get  into all of that and more in this week’s episode!

  • What did you eat good or bad this week?
    • Jay – collard greens
    • Brian – pork, sauerkraut, and kielbasa
    • Eric – New Year’s Luck Pretzel
  • What’s going on in our lives this week?
      • Jay – New Years Eve Quiplash
      • Brian – Appreciation for how much different our lives were and how our families have grown this year from last
      • Eric – Ditto Brian
    • Focus Topic
      • Guilt
    • Fan Mail
      • Great show fellas! The way you can seamlessly go from food to those incredible Pittsburgh accents to deep talks about emotional needs is insanely impressive. Your chemistry works like the ingredients in one of Jay’s recipes. 

        I am fortunate enough to know Brian and speak with him quite a bit. So we talk about all this stuff. This year has been my toughest to date. Relationship of 16 years over, my life turned upside down and as my Dad so affectionately put I am in a sense “homeless”. I am only staying with people who are nice enough to open their homes to me until I figure out what is next.

        I sometimes feel like my life is one giant “Do Better” segment. So weird.

        I don’t know what is next for me. Sometimes that scares the hell out of me. Sometimes I feel excited. But mostly it feels…well weird.

        So finally to my question. In your opinion how does someone going through a bunch of transition and doubt “stay the course” and have confidence in what is next? Social media makes me feel wrong or a loser for not having “it” together. I just want to sleep and not think about my life.

        How have you guys weathered those storms?

        Thanks my dudes,


    • Do Better
      • Evidently gas is cheaper everywhere else but Pennsylvania
      • Dave Shirer – Biggest pet peeve: excessive tardiness #dobetter



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