Episode 9

Guilt to Self Condemnation

Hosts & Guests

Jay Mitlo

Brian Herr

Eric Hammond

Anger. Fear. Guilt. And Self-Condemnation.

Our hurts go somewhere when they aren’t properly healed and addressed. Self-condemnation is one of those places. Many people live in this vicious cycle where they know they fall short or take actions they don’t like and then live in this place where they self-condemn.

How do we escape this cycle? What’s the antidote for this? And what did we eat this week that made our show go so long?

All of this and more, right here in Lunchtime In Rome

What did you eat good or bad this week?

  • Jay – Jay’s Spice Blend
  • Brian – Eric’s New Years Eve Buffalo Chicken Dip and Jay’s Chicken
  • Eric – Nothing Fun

What’s going on in our lives this week?

  • Jay – Good church stuff
  • Brian – Work and Chalupa
  • Eric – Eric’s Healthy Eating

Focus Topic

  • Self Condemnation

Fan Mail

Hey there! Enjoying the podcast so far. I would love to hear (and potentially contribute) to an episode on helping kids in the area of emotional needs. I have three kids- 4, 2, and 10 months and really really want to give them the best environment possible and see them thrive in this area. It’s certainly a daunting task when my husband and I are both trying to sort through our own past and present hurts, failures, etc. I’m sure we aren’t the only ones who feel that way! Thanks, yinz! Cheers 🙂 Emma

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