Episode 10

Joy or Numb

Jan 18, 2019 | Joy, Numb, Podcast | 0 comments

Hosts & Guests

Jay Mitlo

Brian Herr

Eric Hammond

Lunchtime in Rome Show Notes

When our “cup” is properly filled, Joy resides at the top. It flows over. However, when our hurts fill our cup to overflowing, numbness becomes the defining force in our lives because, as Jay’s mom once said, “Oh honey, I just can’t.” Life crashes in, and we just go fetal. In this episode, we explore the spectrum of joy and numbness.

  • Intro
  • What did you eat good or bad this week?
  • Jay – All the things Jay made from Sams Club
  • Brian – SteakUms and Microwaveable Mashed Sweet Potatoes from who knows when
  • Eric – Sam’s Club Buffalo Chicken Dip
  • What’s going on in our lives this week?
  • Jay – The joy of being a part of Penn Hills sports and seeing how good rivalries can be
  • Brian – Prepping for New York City
  • Eric – Tooth extraction
  • Focus Topic
    • Joy or Numb


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