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How To Comfort

It was great being together with all of you last week with our podcast about how we respond to people when they are hurting emotionally. We laughed a lot and I got myself in trouble my mentioning one person by name and yet not mentioning another by name but rather as “the coffee lady.” Of course I emotionally responded correctly with both of them…at least I hope. I stayed away from facts, logic and reason. I certainly didn’t criticize. I didn’t make it about me and be selfish. I can guarantee you that I didn’t ignore or neglect their pain (these are the four ways we respond poorly to emotional hurts).

So we went over these ways that we miss the mark in regards to comfort. It’s sad that most people are well intended, but unable to truly be effective when trying to help others. We make simple mistakes. We try, fail, and often give up.

This week we will go over simple tips and ways to really join someone in their emotion. Yes, there will still be a few “what not” to do, but there will be a bunch of positive “to do’s.”

Assuming that the freezing cold doesn’t cause us all to be locked in forever, we will be together Thursday night. Join us at the table!

Don’t forget to send in your #DoBetter’s and even a #CantDoBetter! We’d love to use them!

Lastly, remember, we are here for you. If you have a question or a hurt let us know. We will take the time to get back to you.


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