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What Comfort Looks Like

Have you ever been so thirsty that you’d give anything for something to drink?  How about a time when you got a drink, not knowing how thirsty you really were and then chugged the whole thing?  Maybe there was a certain food or drink that you had and it was the best thing that ever passed your lips?

In a lot of ways, true comfort is just like that.  Sadly, many of us have never really experienced it.  Someone takes a moment and joins us in our pain and the only negative thing is that it feels so unfamiliar.  We leave them knowing that something happened and it felt good. Imagine you go to a restaurant and have a great meal.  You go home and try to make the same thing. Doesn’t work does it? Why? Because you don’t know how. You are not a chef.  However, you could learn. You could go to culinary classes but then again you could watch a couple of videos, read a couple of books, and work at it.

Comfort is a lot of the same way.  By nature, you don’t know how to join someone in their pain.  If…if, you experience it once, you can’t replicate it. That’s why we spent some time last week giving some examples in how to comfort.  If you look at them, learn them, try them, you will get better at it. Then, those who you comfort will ask you how and why you are able to love them this way.  After that you may have somebody who will be able to help you in your pain.

This week we will go over examples of how people have comforted us in our lives.  We will talk about how, where, and what they said and did that helped us. They attached comfort to our grief.

There is plenty of grief in our day to day lives.  People need to do better. That’s why we love sharing #DoBetter’s with you.  Please, share yours with us. We’ll use them!


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