Episode 13

How to Comfort

Hosts & Guests

Jay Mitlo

Brian Herr

Eric Hammond

Intro – Bad comfort seems to be what most people get, IF they are comforted at all. Good comfort can be elusive. In this episode, we talk about some of the ways we’ve been comforted in good and constructive ways.

  • What did you eat good or bad this week?

    • Jay – Skin on chicken thighs – didn’t turn out the way Jay hoped for
    • Brian – Jay’s chicken for the Super Bowl and tomato soup
    • Eric – Ribs, snails, and elk burger


  • What’s going on in our lives this week?

    • Jay – Running around from place to place
    • Brian – Ethan’s off of video games and it’s been great
    • Eric – Has apprehensions about Maggie being on screens


  • Focus Topic

    • Examples of Comfort


  • Fan Mail

    • Kathleen Prokopik – Learning a lot about how to respond-thank you for very helpful and useful info. Also, I feel much better knowing I was referred to as our coffee lady and not the coffee lady 🙃 kp
    • Email from Anonymous – What do you do when you’ve gone through all the emotional responding stuff and so has your spouse and you get it and they just don’t? Sometimes it gets to the point where I try to emotionally respond to what they are going through and they know it and push back, not letting me join them in their emotions. Sometimes it’s just too much and I cant even try because I know it won’t do anything but make me feel inept and hurt. Thoughts? Advise?



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