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Very Good…Relationships

The first problem man ever faced was when Adam felt alone in the garden of Eden.  God said that is was not good that he was alone. So, along came Eve. When Eve joined Adam God deemed it, “Very good.”  THAT is the goal of every relationship. Granted, that is in reference to a man being with a woman but shouldn’t it be for all relationships (family, friend, co-workers, neighbors, etc.)?  How are your relationships?

Most people, when asked about how are their relationships are, say, “Doing all right, ok, better than most.”  How often do you hear, “Very good?” I rarely ever do…if ever. Why? Quite simply, most aren’t. What are most relationships missing?  What are they doing that keeps them from being very good? What leaves them feeling alone?

That’s what we’ll be talking about this week.  There are components that a successful relationship has that one’s that leaving us wanting do not.  I’ve yet to see anyone have a “very good” relationship without them.

We can #DoBetter in our relationships but there’s for sure a lot of people who need to #DoBetter in general.  Let us know who that is in your world! If something is great and can’t be any better, let us know that as well.

We’ll save a seat for you at the table.  We look forward to you joining us.


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