Episode 14

Very Good Relationships

Hosts & Guests

Jay Mitlo

Brian Herr

Eric Hammond

Intro – Many of us only know bad relationships. Some only know really bad relationships. But how many of us know good relationships? Or even VERY good relationships? Today, at the table, we talk about what the elements are that go into making a relationship Very Good.

  • What did you eat good or bad this week?
    • Jay – questionable arm roast
    • Brian – homemade stir fry
    • Eric – Ham & Cheese Quiche
  • What’s going on in our lives this week?
    • Brian – Chalupa takes a dip in the pool
    • Eric – Other podcast
  • Focus Topic
    • Three elements that make a very good relationship
    • Allow God to be the source of your relationship to meet your needs
    • Being open, honest and vulnerable
    • Mutual giving
  • Show Links
  • Do Better



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