Episode 19 Preview

March 21, 2019

ep. 19


Well, THAT was a lot of fun!  Last week we spent a good bit of time explaining the intricacies of how this podcast works.  Granted, we did that through a rather thorough and somewhat defiant response to some negative reviews.  Hopefully it was both informative and entertaining.

We then went on to comfort (as much as you can through a podcast) several of our listeners hurts from childhood that occurred via bullying.  It is really breaks my heart to imagine how much pain our kids (all kids) are in through the words of other kids. I do appreciate how open, honest, and vulnerable are friends are in sharing their hurts.  That is a sign that they have had some comfort and healing in their lives. For that, we celebrate.

We continue to celebrate this week.  We will be talking about those who have inspired us in life.  Rather than just feel good stories, we will be looking into why these people have had a positive effect on our life.  

Who has inspired you?  Mind you, this is not from a famous standpoint but rather a personal, one on one, impact on your life.  Why? What was it that set them apart?

We will save a seat for you at the table!