Episode 20 Preview

March 27, 2019

ep. 20


A few weeks ago (then again…just about every day) there was a woman being criticized on social media. Another woman was defending her…aggressively (to a fault). I noticed something in my reaction to them. The woman being brought into question had done some things worthy of scrutiny. I found myself having compassion for her as I’m well aware of her “story.” The overly aggressive woman coming to her defense? I know little about. I had no compassion for her…I was, in fact, bothered.

That’s the problem with a lot of the negative emotions we face, rage included. Very often we don’t know the story behind the person that has hurt us. Combine that with the affects of our past hurts and we are left in a bad way.

In no way does this discount the hurts that you experience…it just helps us not help others in the process of healing.

THAT is what we will be talking about this week. We’ll save you a seat at the table!!!