About Us

Lunchtime in Rome is a podcast all about relationships. We all have what we call emotional needs, and when those needs aren’t met we feel alone. Listen to our show to find out how to comfort those needs.

Emotional needs, 


Feeling Empty?

Have you ever felt like something is missing? Perhaps you “have it all” (wife, kids, job, etc.) and yet you aren’t loving life? Maybe you go through the motions and pretend that all is well when it just isn’t. There are other times when you are quite aware that nothing is going well. Regardless of the situation
or circumstances of life, we end up feeling somewhat empty.

Feeling Alone?

What’s missing is having our emotional needs met. This doesn’t make us weak or less of a man or woman, it makes us human. We all have needs, physical, intellectual, spiritual and yes, emotional. While we can have all of those other needs met in many ways, emotional needs are only met within relationships. Relationships are broken and we don’t have anywhere to fix them or even learn them in the first place. Thus, we end up feeling alone.


Let’s Talk.

Lunchtime in Rome is a podcast where we explore how to keep each other from feeling alone. We talk about how our relationships can be more of what we want them to be, and not what they have devolved into being. We will laugh, explore, and talk about the things no one ever really does.