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Episode 39 | Depressed & Alone

What’s worse than being sad? What’s worse than anxiety? What’s worse than depression? Going through these very serious things…alone. We’re going to talk about that this week. Do you experience this? What comes with that? How do you get by? What helps? What hurts?

Episode 38 | Weddings…Advice

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Lunchtime In Rome
August 7 at 8:27 PM ·
This week we’ll be capping off our series on weddings with wedding ADVICE! C’mon, everyone loves to tell others what to do. What would you tell a couple that was about to get married to do? What are the musts and must nots? Don’t keep it to yourself, let it out!

Episode 37 – Weddings…Yours

It was great getting the opportunity to talk last week about OUR weddings. This week we are really excited to share the great (and even not so great) memories from YOUR weddings. Did you do something special or different? Did you do a Unity Candle, Chord of 3, Marriage Knot, Planting a Tree, or something else? Was your wedding somewhere creative? Tell us your story!!! We’d love to share it.

Episode 36 – Weddings

It is wedding season! Well, technically from early April through late October it’s wedding season. Perhaps we’re at the midway point. Either way, it’s rare to go a few weeks this time of year without a wedding.
This week the boys will begin to take a look at weddings, starting with there’s. What did it look like? What was good? How would they encourage others to #DoBetter?

Episode 35 – Good Grief

Good grief! No, not the famous words of Charlie Brown but rather the necessary reaction to loss and hurt. It is rather rare and very often feared. It can’t be done alone and yet very often others make it worse. What should we do? What does proper healthy morning look like? How can we help others through this process?

Episode 30 – Performer & Yes-But

People spend hours on the internet looking for answers to physical symptoms that they have observed amongst themselves. They know that something is wrong (maybe) but are frustrated in not knowing what it is and how to fix it.

The same is true with relationships. Sadly, too often people don’t even think that there is an answer out there. However, there are common problems couples face that are able to be addressed.

Couples fall into behavioral patterns in an attempt to get their needs met without being open, honest, and vulnerable.

This week we are going to look at a situation called “Performer – Yes But” which is a bit of a struggle where one person suggests things and the other almost agrees but then shoots them down.

Is this you? Does this sound familiar? We’ll be looking into that behavioral game tonight.