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Encouragement | Episode 90

Episode 90Encouragement November 4, 2020ep. 90 SHOW NOTESYou're stuck. You're in the middle of a huge project and it looks insurmountable. You are pretty sure that you can get it done...pretty sure. However, you're not positive. At this exact moment, your good friend...

Comfort | Episode 89

Episode 89ComfortOctober 28, 2020ep. 89 SHOW NOTESWhen you are hurt the only way to heal is through comfort. Almost all of the options listed in our "poll" the other day are ways you can deal with hurts. However, they don't help you heal from the hurts. The only thing...

Attention | Episode 86

Attention | Episode 86

Episode 86AttentionOctober 7, 2020ep. 86 SHOW NOTESWhy do you suppose it is so hard to meet the need of attention with someone who needs it so badly? Do you struggle with someone (or someone's) who are always seeking attention? Sure, the answer is to give them...

Appreciation | Episode 84

Appreciation | Episode 84

Episode 84AppreciationSeptember 23, 2020ep. 84 SHOW NOTESTonight begins a new series of podcast for us here at the table. We will begin to go over the emotional needs in a more in depth fashion. We will begin this evening with Appreciation. Being noticed and loved for...